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This Year we fly in Chateauroux Deols airport LFLX, France.

Basic scenery of the Airport:

These are free sceneries. Maybe you have them because these was used in VWAC 2015 and 2018.
Although you do not need them, it is much better than default :-)

For FS2004, FSX and P3D download from F-BMPL.COM

For X-Plane download from XPFR Association It is for 8.64 but works in 10 and 11.

Scenery of the aerobatics Box:

These sceneries (except X-Plane) are as another airport "Deols VWAC" with ICAO code AC18 (Aerobatic Championship 2018).
This is because we need an extra Tower-view point placed on the Judge position.
For X-Plane it is a set of objects only without the Tower-view to avoid automatic switching between this and LFLX airport.

LFLX - VWAC scenery for FS2004 (zip 81,5 kB)

LFLX - VWAC scenery for P3D, FSX (zip 93,8 kB)

LFLX - VWAC scenery for X-Plane (zip 218 kB)

LFLX - VWAC scenery for Aerofly FS2 (zip 10,3 kB). Created using "Aerobatic Box Placer" Software (SW Author: Michael Garbers). Available at FlightSim.Com.

Main axis HDG: 123° Mag (123° True). The "Tower View" point is placed on the Judge position and 1,5 m above ground.

Deols Box