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The judging of VWAC competition flights is based on two videos recorded from each flight.
Competitor send via e-mail the videos: one from the cockpit, the second from the judge position.

There is excellent The CIVA Judging Tutorial for 2018 (PDF 1,7 MB)

There are differences between the real World and VWAC:
- We use only one aerobatic box for all categories.
- We fly one "Known" program (sequence) and one "Unknown" in each category. A "Free Known" program system is in the Intermediate category - see the Sequences menu in "VWAC ".
- You can fly the sequence how many times you want. Then send a record of just the best one for judging.
- The system for rating competitor's flights is based only on two recorded videos - one from the cockpit, the second from the judges position..