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All aerobatic competition flights must be flown inside defined space - aerobatic performance zone called Aerobatic Box. It is a cube in the air. All edges of that cube are 1000 m (3280 ft) long and the bottom wall is 100 m (328 ft) above the ground - the same for all categories. The axis and border of the box are marked on the ground. See the pictures below.

Pilots have to fly their competition flights inside the "Box".

Dimension of the Aerobatic Box

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What is on the ground

The border and axis (main and secondary or "cross box") of the box on ground.
There are marks of both Box-axis: "T" at the ends, "+" in the middle and "I" between them.
And marks of Box-borders: "+" in the centre of the box and "L" in the border-corners.

Box marks and the judges position:

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What you see from 2500 ft above the ground:

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Do not forget to set the altimeter to zero on ground! Then you can check your AGL: Minimum is 328 ft (100 m), Maximum is 3608 ft (1100 m).

Altimeter to Zero