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The VWAC 2018 Categories and Programs were:

Categories Programs
Primary Known PDF 92,6 kB Unknown
Sportsman Known PDF 122 kB Unknown
Intermediate Known PDF 130 kB
or Free Known

For Intermediate I offered one ready-made Known sequence. But if you wanted, you could fly Free Known = use 5 compulsory figures + 5 own figures according to CIVA rules (described below). Use the "OpenAero" software for design the sequence and send me your sequence as ".seq" file by e-mail.

The logo in the upper left corner of "Known" sequence-forms indicates who (which club) wrote the sequence.

About Intermediate Free Known sequence

There are five "Known" figures selected and published by CIVA Plenary (showed below). Each of these must by used in any order and any orientation at any position within the sequence, tough their design must remain unchanged. You must add five "Free" figures to design your personal 10 figures "Free Known" sequence. Overall the sequence must conform to regulations (PDF 472 kB) that define the versatility required and the maximum K (=200) allowed.

INT Five Known

You have to use the "OpenAero" software version 2018 for design the sequence. This SW contains the set of five "Known" figures and Rules for design the Intermediate sequence. Just set "Sequence info" (see the picture below) and observe the "Alerts".
Alerts is empty when your sequence is correct.