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Sceneries used in aerobatic competitions.

The scenery used in actual competition in this year and supplementary information are in Scenery menu of the actual competition.

Malelane FAMN, South Africa. Used in VWAC 2017:

FAMN - FS9 (zip 14,4 MB)

FAMN - P3D, FSX (zip 14,5 MB)

FAMN - X-Plane (zip 25,6 MB). You need a library: Open Scenery X

FAMN - Aerofly FS2 (zip 31,2 MB) Author: Stefan Schönberger

Main axis HDG: 277° Mag (259° True). The "Tower View" point is placed on the Judge position and 2 m above ground.

Matkopuszta LHMP, Hungary. Used in VWAC 2014 and 2016:

LHMP - FS9 (zip 37,5 kB)

LHMP - P3D, FSX (zip 39,8 MB)

LHMP - X-Plane (zip 18,1 kB)

Main axis HDG: 131° Mag (137° True)